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Talking more must
Make It Count! 
23rd-Nov-2009 04:38 pm
jun kiss
Rating: PG
Genres: Fluff, AU (High School)
Pairing: Ohmiya
Word count: 1,959
Summary: After suffering an embarrassing defeat in a video game, Nino must serve his punishment by going to the kissing booth during the school fair. One minor detail: he's never been kissed before.
Notes: Happy birthday, rikke_leonhart! Hope this thing's up your alley~ Hmm, not much really to say about this one besides that the ending practically wrote itself, which...is good? Bad? You decide. Either way, I hope you all enjoy it! Thanks to those who beta'd for me, you know who you are :)

If there was ever a time Nino wanted to wear a paper bag over his head, now would be it. The curious stares from a good majority of his female classmates were getting more severe and less friendly by the second, and even he couldn’t hold up against that kind of psychological torture for too long.

Jeez, he thought to himself, it wasn’t like he was there of his own free will. No, it was that damn Sakurai’s fault; well, Aiba’s too, but mostly Sakurai’s. There Nino was at the arcade machine, all set for another Street Fighter victory over Aiba, when that clumsy excuse for a bookworm “accidentally” happened to graze against his arm, interrupting his execution of the ultimate super combo that would have obliterated Aiba in one impressive chain of awesomeness. It gave the would-be loser the opening he needed to desperately perform a slightly-less-awesome-but-still-pretty-good combo. Nino could only watch as his character got beaten to a pulp and finally landed in an unconscious heap.

“I cannot believe this,” he had groaned, putting on his best glare for the cowering Sho before returning his attention to the victor. “I lost!”

Aiba was too overcome by hysterical laughter to comment at first.

“Do I really have to do that?” Nino whined at length, rubbing his temples in annoyance.

Composing himself just enough to respond, the winner said, “A deal’s a deal, Nino. And there’s NO WAY you’re weaseling your way out of it.”

Nino shuddered at the thought of his embarrassing defeat, taking a reluctant step forward as the queue of people grew ever shorter. Just yesterday he would never have believed that the good-natured Aiba was capable of as cruel a punishment as this.

Jun probably had something to do with it.

“N-Ninomiya-san?” A flustered girl interrupted his train of thought. He recognized her as a classmate whose name he never cared to ask for.

“…W-What are you…” She took a moment to clear her throat. “Th-this is the line for the …k-kissing booth, you know?”
“I do.” His nonchalance put her into a further state of confusion.
“Er…um…we have a line f-for guys, too…”

Oh hell, Nino thought to himself, might as well make the best of the situation.

“I’m in the right place.” The tease bet himself a whole yen that her face could still get redder.

“I-If you’re sure about this…”
“Why wouldn’t I be? Is there a problem?”

‘Scarlet’ would be an extreme understatement of the color of the poor girl’s cheeks.

“W-Well, um…here’s your t-ticket…” she managed to stutter, giving him a slip of paper out of her shaky hand. “Th-Thank you for supporting the art club…”

“Uh-huh, sure.”

When there were only a few people left in front of him, Nino finally thought to ponder how exactly it was that the art club of all activities got a kissing booth. And a successful one at that, considering how long he’d been standing in line. Though Nino wasn’t in the hippest of social circles, he surely would’ve gotten wind of an art club stud if there was one.

“I guess it’s time to find out…” the boy muttered to himself after getting the go-ahead to proceed.

Without really meaning to Nino had kept his gaze on the ground, and even when he was already seated in front of the booth he didn't look up right away. Instead he stammered something about “being forced into it” and that “it’s not what you think”, along with other such excuses.

“Oh…okay,” replied a mild voice, presumably belonging to the “kisser.” “I…don’t really mind, I guess.”

The humble response shocked Nino into looking up for the first time.

The guy was cute, Nino conceded; not quite Jun’s level, but still fairly high up there. His nose in particular was interesting, and the strangely innocent look in his eyes. Though, Nino found it hard to justify such a popular kissing booth if it was just this one guy; he wasn’t that special.

Well, it could’ve been much worse, so Nino kept his thoughts to himself.

“Uh…I guess you’re supposed to kiss me now?”

The kisser nodded and carefully leaned across the dividing table between them, resting his slender fingers on Nino’s cheek. The touch felt strangely natural and less awkward than Nino had anticipated—he wasn’t sure how to feel about that.

“Excuse me…”

With that the boy pressed his lips into Nino’s in the gentlest possible way, clearly trying to limit the contact to a minimum. And yet just that slight connection was enough to make Nino’s insides tingle and his palms sweaty. Then it was over—just like that.

The kisser returned to his side of the table, delicate fingers and all; he had this sheepish smile on his face as he indicated that he was finished and Nino could go. The customer, on the other hand, was in quite a state of shock and went away with the most dazed look in his eyes.
“How’d it go, how’d it go!?” questioned an Aiba ecstatically as he approached the solemn Nino. Jun was there too, his facial muscles clearly straining to maintain his stoic expression.

There was no immediate response; Nino was still trying to sort out his feelings about it. Truthfully, it wasn’t as horrifying as it was intended to be—embarrassing, a little, but he didn’t feel bad when it happened. In fact, if he really had to be honest, it was more—

“Oh God,” Nino interjected suddenly, having discovered something in his train of thought.

“Was it that bad?” Aiba was frowning, and also sneaking glances at Jun.

“Oh God.”

“WELL?!” Jun finally demanded, unable to contain himself any longer.

And Nino just looked at them with such frightened eyes.

“That was my first kiss!”

* * *

Ohno Satoshi.

That was the name of the art club nobody that kissed Nino and left him utterly dumbfounded—along with a good portion of the girls in their entire grade. True enough, it seemed like overnight he’d become some kind of celebrity. Hordes of girls would just stand around fanning themselves at the very mention of his name, and you could tell who didn’t get a kiss just by the jealous looks on their faces.

Nino’s “punishment” hadn’t gone unnoticed either. Girls and boys gave him questioning looks as he passed by, some certainly more vicious than others. Luckily he had at least one friend in a high place—the Matsumoto Jun—who bailed him out of anything too traumatizing. Even after he admitted it was his idea.

“I thought it would be a good way to get revenge for all the times you ever insulted me,” he had explained, still putting up his nonchalant front. “You didn’t tell me you’d never been kissed before.”

“Well, that’s exactly why you don’t assume!” Nino found himself in a nasty state of ambivalence, and Jun was the perfect recipient of that tension.

Poor Aiba felt extremely guilty upon seeing his distressed friend and tried his best at damage control. “I-It’s okay, Nino. You said your lips barely even touched anyway—maybe it doesn’t count!”

The frightening glares he received in response led Aiba to remain quiet the remainder of their meeting.

That following day at school Nino had firmly decided to seek this “Ohno Satoshi” out and give him a piece of his mind. After spending half the night discerning his real feelings through all the confusion of the situation, he had come to some haphazard sort of conclusion.

He just hoped that Ohno wouldn’t be too elusive; from what Jun could gather about the artist he was a difficult man to come by, despite his newfound popularity. Even the art club members didn’t really know where he went half the time. He was the embodiment of the “my pace” type of person, one of them said.

The morning had quickly come to an end, and Nino hoped lunch would provide a good opportunity for searching. So, after wolfing down his lunch, the boy snuck out of the classroom and meandered the hallways, specifically checking the rooms with rumored Ohno sightings.

The bell rang for the start of afternoon classes, and Nino returned with nothing but dampened spirits.

On his way to one of his classrooms he could’ve sworn he saw Ohno wandering an empty hallway. He thought to call out to him, but before he could the boy had disappeared around the corner.

That was the extent of his Ohno sightings that day, and sullenly Nino went about packing his things before heading home. After he had finished changing back into his shoes, he trudged into the parking lot to retrieve his bike.

The trip home was uneventful as usual. He passed the typical sidewalks crawling with people and street vendors; then there was the big park that was always strangely empty, except for Ohno sitting under the tree, sketching.

Wait, Ohno sitting under the tree?!

Nino very nearly crashed into a couple and their baby carriage because he was staring too long at someone that could be Ohno. Having nothing to lose, considering the failure of his earlier efforts, the student parked his “vehicle” by a bench and marched toward the person by the tree.

“Ohno….?” Nino asked tentatively as he approached.

When the same face that he saw across the table the day before looked up at him at that moment, his heart went into overdrive.


Nino gulped and tried to keep his voice even. “I want to talk to you.”

And rightly so Ohno stared back at him, clearly waiting for what Nino had to say. Prompted by the awkward silence, he continued.

“You….That was my first kiss. Yesterday.”

Ohno’s eyes widened at this, and his mouth opened to apologize, but he didn’t get the opportunity.

“I know, I know—you didn’t know, you didn’t mean to. …Whatever.”

Ohno returned to listening.

“It’s just…I thought it’d be more special…”

That sounded a lot more disappointed than Nino wanted; the pitying look Ohno gave him said as much. He felt his confidence waning.

“And I mean, how was that even a real kiss? You hardly…”

Now Ohno was just confused. Very confused. And Nino was trying equally as hard to not make the next statement come out as word vomit.

“S-So, you have to do it again! But seriously this time. …That way I can say I had…a real…first kiss…”

If there was ever a time Nino wanted to wear a paper bag over his head, now would be it. Or maybe he could evaporate—that would be more convenient.

Ohno was quiet for a while, processing exactly what it was Nino wanted of him. Then, without even a trace of protest in his expression or movement, he placed his drawing materials on the ground and sauntered over to the petrified boy.

Their eyes met, which was more intimidating than anything at such close range. Nino casually tried turning his head, but his cheek collided with Ohno’s slender fingers before it could get very far.

In the next instant their lips met, only this time the contact was much more firm and direct. The added force multiplied the wild sensations in Nino’s body exponentially, and for several seconds he was convinced that his mind went totally blank.

Finally, just before Nino thought he was on the brink of suffocation, the kiss was over.

“Was that good?”

Ohno’s innocence—or perhaps sheer density—had to be all sorts of illegal, Nino thought. Having calmed the rest of his body down, he was finally able to look at the “kisser” with full confidence, a mischievous glint in his eye.

“…Can I have another?”

Smiling harmlessly, Ohno replied. “You can have as many as you like.”
24th-Nov-2009 08:40 pm (UTC)
Yay! ♥ I'm very happy you enjoyed it :) Thank you so much!
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