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(Holiday/Winter) Drabble Collection [vol 2] 
23rd-Dec-2009 11:58 pm
arashi sleep
Ratings: G » PG
Genres: Fluff, humor, School AU
Pairings: Ohmiya, Sakuraiba, Naruse/Koichi, various Friendships
Word count: 100 each
Notes: Merry Christmas, all! Here's a collection of drabbles dedicated to my good friends as "presents" for the holidays. All the themes have to do with either winter or the holidays (more or less), and I really did try my best since it's been awhile for me and super short writings. There's also a "bonus" drabble, for all you wonderful readers, particularly those that have supported me this long. Thank you, and happy holidays!

Cookies and Ohno [ G | Fluff | Yama Pair (Friendship)], for yuri_senritsu

Sho stared at the tray of less-than-attractive cookies, hoping that with enough concentration he might melt them with his eyes. Whatever possessed him to bake treats for his groupmates for Christmas was long gone, and all that remained was a looming sense of dread and embarrassment.

He didn’t notice Ohno walk into the room and reacted too slowly when the leader obliviously picked up a cookie and had a bite.

“Riida, don’t—”

Ohno swallowed.

“That was good,” he remarked before finishing the rest.

Grateful tears streamed from Sho’s eyes as he nearly crushed the life out of his resilient leader.

First Snow [G | Fluff | Ohmiya], for hontowa

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, Nino would get caught in that strange state between sleeping and waking. When it happened all he would do was reach over to the space next to him where he would feel Ohno’s warm body and know everything was okay, that he could relax.

One evening, however, that reassuring presence wasn’t there, and that jolted Nino into full consciousness. He spotted Ohno standing by the window, entranced by whatever appeared outside. Quietly he slid out of bed and approached his partner to coax him back to sleep.

Ohno only smiled.

“Nino…it’s snowing.”

Home Sweet Home [PG | Fluff | Naruse/Koichi], for dthnhi

Naruse strode through the streets purposefully, fogging the winter air with his breath. Though the metropolis teemed with life even beyond midnight, he always felt a certain detachment from it.

Then, as he came up to a familiar building and entered through the door, that separation gave way to the sense of wholeness and belonging.

A victim of fatigue sat hunched over by the counter, his head resting on his folded arms. Next to him was a plate of untouched food, now cold with neglect.

Naruse treaded soundlessly forward and kissed the sleeper gently on the cheek.

“I’m home, Koichi.”

Fine Print [G | Humor | Jun/Nino (friendship), for rikke_leonhart

“Merry Christmas!” Nino exclaimed as he thrust a wrapped box into Jun’s arms.
“Eh? Eh?”
“Come on—open it!”
“It’s…a crapload of ice cream?”
“No…can’t you read?”
“Oh, my mistake. It’s ‘extra low-fat ice cream’.”
“Uh-huh~ I thought long and hard about presents this year.”
“Wow, um…thanks…?”
“You’re welcome!”
Some days later, as Jun was finishing the last cup of ice cream, he noticed the corner of the label starting to peel. Carefully he pulled, gasping when he saw the Nutrition Facts cite a fat content of 50% the recommended daily value. Per spoonful.

“…That bastard better buy me new pants."

Pout Tactics [G | Fluff | Sakuraiba], for kos_mos26

“Masaki, please stop eating my marshmallows.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Sho-chan.”

“Before I went to answer the phone, I had at least 3 more marshmallows in my hot chocolate.”

“Maybe you imagined them.”

“You have plenty of your own, you know.”

The accused tipped his cup to reveal the marshmallow-free liquid.

“Well, you did. See what happens when you eat things all at once?”

Aiba pouted in such a pathetic way that even with years of experience, Sho couldn’t help succumbing to the guilt reversal.

“Okay, you can have one more.”

Aiba obediently scooped up three.

Mittened Meeting [G | Fluff, School AU | Ohmiya], for eufry

Nino shivered as he sat on the playground bench warming his hands with his breath. He didn’t have the proper accessories for winter weather, so he was resigned to sitting and trying to maintain a decent body temperature for the duration of playtime.

It’s not like Nino had many friends to play with anyway. Even in good weather he was often by himself, though not exactly by choice.

Suddenly a pair of mitten-clad hands encircled his exposed ones, blanketing them in warmth.


The upperclassman smiled shyly, his eyes soft with pure kindness and affection.

Nino stopped shivering.

True Love [G | Fluff | Arashi Friendship], for anyone that ever read and appreciated my writing :)

There were so many people distracting them. Jun chatting up the other guests; Nino and Ohno trying to be as scarce as they could without disappearing; Aiba drinking his way into next week and Sho failing to stop him.

By the end it was just them—the five. The atmosphere was intimate, but that's what they were used to. Gathered in the sitting area, they talked like the good friends they were; it was the natural thing. Any additional person would feel blaringly out of place.

Even Aiba as a raving drunk could express what everyone was thinking.

“I love Arashi!”
24th-Dec-2009 05:58 am (UTC)
Thank you so much! I'm very humbled :)
Merry Christmas~
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